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Search terms

Of course, as soon as I post I may be winding things down, I post more than I have in weeks!

I just wanted to share something that caught my attention. I occasionally view the stats for this blog and look at the search terms people use to get here. I usually feel a little sorry for the poor folk who find themselves on this blog while looking for something else completely. But yesterday, someone found this blog by typing, “one man’s journey, quester”. And again today, someone found this blog by typing, “quester, one man’s journey”. Someone actually found this blog by intentionally looking for it. Twice.



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Over on A Life Reviewed, Joe posted a link to an article of mine. I started speaking to someone in the comments of that post, but don’t want to clog Joe’s Blog with an unrelated conversation. But Karin asked me over there, “I’m also wondering what sort of God you no longer believe in Quester? When you had faith, in whom did you have faith?”

This can be a worthwhile question to answer.

I believed in a God who was unlimited and unmodified by either space or time, and was the creator of both. I believed in a God who (more…)

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A joke.. kind of.

When I was working as a priest, it seemed sometimes that people thought they were paying me to be “church” so that they did not have to be. They wanted me to do all the things they felt should be done, but they did not want to do themselves: visit their elderly parents, teach their children, increase attendance, give to the poor, preach the gospel, etc. etc. I began to think that Anglican clergy get called vicar (short for vicarious?) because their congregations want someone to be good on their behalf.

Now for the joke:

When I was a pastor, I was paid to be good.

Now, I’m good for nothing.

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Blogging Blahs

I set up this blog for two main purposes: to let some of the folks at Deconversion.com get a better idea of who I am and where I come from, and to put my experiences on a screen in front of me where I could look at them and reflect on them as I struggled with my faith and tried to decide where to continue from here.

I have accomplished both of those goals, which leaves me to wonder, why am I here?

I may post here some more, as I get the ideas and inspiration. I might not. I may change this blog around to meet a new goal. Right now, though, I am still writing and reading at Deconversion and just started in at The Crowded Handbasket. I hope to continue sharing ideas and stories at both. I tend to identify myself as a deconverted Christian at Decon and an explorer of orthodox and unorthodox Christian views in the Handbasket, but I couldn’t really say where exactly I stand, just now. I am still Questing, however certain I might sound in my articles and arguments.

I also occasionally hang out at the Friendly Atheist and Skepchick, though more to learn than to contribute. So, you haven’t seen the last of me. I am still around. I’ll see you in the blogosphere, and perhaps right here.

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