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I’ve been reading all sorts of things over the past year. Last week, I found myself on a watching a video about polyamory. This week, I was reflecting on it, and slightly misremembered what I had seen, though I think I was close enough to the principles explained.

The video mentions that honesty, communication skills, self-awareness and the ability to ask for what you want are key elements of a successful relationship- whether monagamous or not. Well, when I was thinking about this, days later, I had unconsciously included self-awareness under the category of honesty (being honest with yourself, about yourself) and thought of the final category, “the ability to ask for what you want” as “security” instead.

Honesty, security and good communication skills. I think these are (more…)


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When, as a pastor, I was asked to lead healing services, I was torn. It was entirely Biblical and within the bounds of orthodox Christianity, but I had seen so many people tear themselves up, or hurt their dependents, when it did not work in ways they expected. My words reflected this conflict within me, as I would try to provide cautionary disclaimers while projecting the confidence they wanted in their pastor.

Here’s a sample:

A few words about what we’re doing here today.  God created the church to be an instrument of wholeness. We gather as a community to be made one with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Then, as one, we can go out into the world and live out this unity, not through everyone acting, dressing and talking the same, but through love for each other as children of God. But we do not only love other Christians, but all whom God (more…)

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